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World Pulses Day



Pulse is a jewel crop as it supplies vegetable protein, fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil and fits into multiple cropping system. Inclusion of pulses in cropping system is a must for sustainable agriculture.
Today is world pulse day observed by all countries . February 10, 2019, was celebrated as the first World Pulses Day. The Year 2016 was celebrated as International Year of Pulses to highlight the contribution of Pulses to sustainable food production and towards food security and nutrition.

Pulse grains are called poor man’s meat as it provides 20-25% protein and supplies essential amino acids including lysine which is not available in carbohydrates.Thus dal bhat or dal roti makes an ideal combination.Every adult should consume 50 gram of dal daily for a healthy life.

The crops like green gram, black gram, lentil, gram, pea, horse gram, arhar are important pulse crops grown in about 20 lakh hectares in Odisha with a production of 10 lakh tons.There is scope for increase in area and production.When non-veg diets are having several health problems pulses have become our jewel crop for maintenance of human health, animal health and soil health.This is the call of the world pulse day.

World Pulses Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses and their contribution to sustainable food systems and a world without hunger.

  • Bidyadhar Maharana


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