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Sat Chith Ananda


In this world every object has got five aspects, namely, sath, chith, ananda, rupa, and nama (being, awareness, bliss, form, and name).

Being, awareness, and bliss are the three permanent attributes of every jiva (individual). Name and form are transitory.

Man has forgotten his true Self and is leading his life believing the name and form to be real and the ephemeral world to be eternal.

God is beyond all attributes and feelings. It is rather strange that man attributes qualities and feelings to Him.

It is most essential for every individual to know the infinite love, truth, and compassion of God.

Though man is essentially divine, he is conducting himself like a demon as he has forgotten his innate divinity.

Every man is endowed with the qualities of diksha (determination) and dakshata (dexterity). One who makes use of these virtues for noble causes alone is a true human being.

– Sri Sathya Sai Baba ❤