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Let’s go organic


My two organic scientist friends Dr K M Aravinthan and Mr Arun Kumar Arumugham of Tamilnadu in our village, under a banyan tree in the river bank of Bramhani, in a relaxing mood.

With there guidance we are trying to convert our farming to pure organic.

We have started spraying one organic plant nutrient named SHOOTX to make the crop more healthy and another organic soil nutrient named VAM that increases microorganisms in the soil & make the soil healthy .

Applying VAM

Both the products are their own research products and is being manufactured by their own company named BIOAGES Pvt Ltd. situated in Tamilnadu.

We have applied it in our own field and fields of a few other farmers of our village area and getting positive results.

As they opines it will take not more than three years to convert a piece of land for pure organic cultivation without loosing the productivity, rather the productivity will increase by 30% if these low cost organic products are used and the organic procedures follwed properly as per their recommendations.

After three to four years even this organic bio boosters will not be required at all, once the soil health returns to normal and its natural form .

I am very much thankful to both of them for their curtesy visit to my village for this purpose. ( on 20th January 2021 )

I gratefully remember them after seeing the first organic harvest ( 4 kg of soybean ) from a very small piece of our farm field. You can guess the area of soybean plantations from the picture given below.

I appreciate their very simple and genuine approach of going organic and their commitment for an organic movement in the country is quite impressive.

I wish they should come again and again to my state, even the Govt in directorate of Agriculture should avail their services if wish so for the betterment of the state Agriculture.

  • Laxmidhar Nayak


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