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Let the SUN rise !


Let the SUN rise !

A Govt has no religion, It is of the People, by the people, for the people.

And it is not of the religion, by the religion, for the religion.

Religion is a way of life of it’s seekers, more private and non govt an affair.

But now a days it seems many Govts of the world are showing more interest in privatising the Govt institutions and Nationalising the Religions .

Iran was a secular state till 1979 , in the year 1979 it has become a religious or Islamic state,

Iraq was a secular state till 2005, and in 2005 has become an Islamic state declaring Islam as its state religion through an constitutional amendment.

Still there are 96 secular countries in the world.

Time has come all the secular countries should withdraw their international recognition from all the non secular countries, may it be Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other countries of the world.

It is seekers,
who may like to follow a certain way of life, maintain a set of practices , that too without disturbing the social and environmental harmony essential for the well-being of the life and livelihood of all creatures of this universe and all other universes.

Such practices by different groups of creatures may be termed as a particular religion.

There is no need a Govt should try to nationalise it,
It is better a govt should remain secular in this matter to ensure universal brotherhood of mankind and a peaceful cohabitation of all the creatures.

Any Govt of any country trying to nationalise religions should be derecognised.

All the 96 secular nations of the world should come forward unitedly ( The Secular United Nations : The SUN ) to advocate this to free the mankind from the religious hatreds, spread even without knowing the intrinsic values of spiritually of the respective religious practices .

I am withdrawing my assent of international recognition to all non secular nations of this universe, may it be Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other such countries. ha ha ha ha….

What about you ?

Sarbe Bhabantu Sukhinah

Let the SUN of the earth rise !

  • Laxmidhar Nayak
    ( 28. 01. 2020 )


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