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Does the country need a NATIONAL SECURITY Mobile App ?


Does the country need a

To wipe out terrorists , along with other strategic steps, we have to widen our intelligence network. If our military forces strength is 25 lakh , our intelligence strength should be minimum 25 crore.

In the Pulwama tragedy, the explosive loaded vehicle was not fled in air from Pakistan in an hour or two. They might have come well in advance, stayed somewhere in near by places inside India may be for few weeks at least.

we are said to be a 125 crore nation with 250 crore eyes. But no body could see it. Is it true ? Definitely No.
But it is a fact that nobody reported it .

What is the reason ?
The reason is, there is no such system of reporting.

What to do ?

Do a small favour to the nation.
Develop a secured Defence App, which can be easily operated from a mobile.

Form a Defence Inteligence group having a central server.

Take at least 25 crore sensible people as its members from among the common mass.

Any happening or mishappenig in the neighbourhood, even in every inch of Indian territory can be reported to this central server and in this process nobody ( other than the reporter ) will be able to know who is reporting what.

Recruit at least 10 thousand data analysers from various language groups to analyse such information and report it to the Defence wing or the appropriate authority, so that preventive actions can be initiated well before such tragic incidents take place .

To my opinion,
The intelligence group should be at least ten times larger than the Defence personnel.It can be a voluntary group, identified with a some short of prior scrutiny parameters.

I am confident, it will work.

When a comm citizen of a country will feel secured that his reporting are secret and secured by a govt app , they will feel free to report anything without fear.

second ,
A terrorist is not a person,
it is a Thought, Bichar Dhara. It should be fought out.

It is not so simple the way we write it so simply, it is a very complex phenomenon, full with multidimensional national, international, economic , religious, territorial ambitions and the world have to fight it out, for the peaceful cohabitation and existence of the mankind.

  • Laxmidhar Nayak
    ( 15.02.2019 )


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