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Colourless Beryl Crystal found in Odisha

Beryl is abundantly found in Odisha within the Pegmatite. The coloured varieties are termed Aquamarine,Emerald,Heliodor etc.

The largest Beryl crystal of Odisha was found by Mr Bhagabati Mishra, Geologist in eighties in Angul dist which was carried by a bullock cart and later auctioned.

The world’s largest known naturally occurring crystal of any mineral is a crystal of beryl from Malakialina, Madagascar, 59 ft long and 11 ft in diameter, and weighing 380,000 kg.

Greek meaning of Beryl is sweet. But it is highly toxicas a metal. It is very light metal, with high melting point, resistant to oxide formation, resistant to Nitric acid, non-magnetic, high elasticity 3 times more than iron, superior thermal conductivity.

Used in mobile phone production, missile, aircraft mainly. It is alloyed with Cu and Ni for industrial uses.

By Mihir Kumar Senapati

Mihir Kumar Senapati, Geologist


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